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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!

    Vietnamese PHO soup (beef noodle soup)

    I cant get enough of this stuff.

    I eat it like eod. I get the sate (hot) pho with no noodles and extra extra meat. The meat is steamed lean thinly sliced beef and some other thinly sliced beef is flashed fried in teriaki and put in. There are bean sprouts and fresh basil leaves with more hot sauce and teriaki sauce you can add. I also put in some lime and fish sauce.

    DAMM is it good and an incredible hang over cure.

    my question is ... why does my face bloat if I eat it twice in one day?

    is it the salt? .. the hot sauce the teriaki? thats what I am thinkin.

    BUT Damm its sooo worth it!

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    Probably the MSG. All those oriental noodle soups seem to be high in sodium or MSG.

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