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Thread: Mass diet

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    Mass diet

    I have never really put together a bulking diet. I have just ate whatever was in sight. Can someone help me put together a bulking diet or tell me where to look and I will try and do it myself, then post it for you guys. Thanks

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    Read the sticky and all questions will be answered

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    well, read stickies
    but just make sure to take in 400 grams pro a day, along w. tons of calories.... yes i know i will get flammed but whatever.. for me, when i gain, i gain... i make sure to eat every two hrs, with seperation of 400 grams pro, min...i don't count fat, and over 1,000 of carbs a day, simple and complex... anyway, i went from 185 to 203 in 3 months, i'm currently under 185, but way more ripped and my measurments all around are bigger (than when i was the old 185).. it does suck taking the weight off and eating right, but you also have to see if your the type of person that gains more fat than muscle... @ 203 i was 12% bf, i never want to go beyond 10% bf though, that way i can cut a lil easier....

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