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    PWO nutrition after different forms of exercise

    There is so much information about PWO nutrition for after weight training, but I was wanting to get some reliable info on PWO after different forms of training.

    Such as after:

    Low intinsity morning cardio on an empty stomic
    HIIT in morning on empty stomic
    Long duration training later in night such as basketball practice

    Also, what about a few grams of BCAA and glutamine before morning cardio
    And, if steroids are used to cut does PWO nutrition change much

    I'm very familar with John Berardi's recomendations for pre and post weight lifting nutrition but would like the opinion of some others such as Swole

    Sorry if this can be found in other threads, but I can't seem to find specific info


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    try posting once instead of 3 times

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    sorry enter button got stuck

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    Hey bro! Go and delete those other two posts first. Then, try a search for all of the criteria you listed above. There is info on ALL this stuff here, so you'll have plenty to read up on, trust me!


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