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Thread: Beer

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    I know beer is bad when on a weight trainning diet. But how bad is it really. Can you drink from time to time. Or should you stay away from it all togetter. What role dose it play?

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    Well...Train for a month and monitor your gains. Then train for a month and drink the way you want. If your progress goes down, you will find out how bad it is. Beer is bad carbs and extra calories. It also inhibits REM sleep, which means that when you drink, then go to sleep, you are getting a lower quality of sleep (thats why when you get really drunk the next day you wake up, eat, then take a nap for a few hours).

    For personal experience, i notice that my drive in the gym goes down and so do my poundages.

    If you are a college student, its not very realistic to say never drink. Go to parties and have fun, make friends and hook up. Just try to be more of a social drinker and instead of funneling beers and shooting for the highest BAC, nurse your beers.

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    Beer is mo' of a good thing in my eyes, it boosts your testosterone & so what if the belly be there from drinking all the time, if ya got the dedication to take a month off and drink once a week you can get rid of it like that!!!!..................

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    miller lite has 2.8 grams of carbs per

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