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    Arrow Need Help with Diet pls

    My weight is 76 kg and I am doing this diet to gain quality muscle not fat, please reply to my diet and how you would arrange it. Here it goes

    5.30am - 26gm whey protein
    6.30am - Special K (Cereal) with skimmed milk (14gm)
    8.30 am - Chicken and Ham sandwich with wholemeal bread (20gm)
    10.30am - 1 can Tuna + banana and yogurt (25gm)
    12.30pm - 26gm whey protein
    2.30pm - Fish + rice (24 gms)
    5.00pm - Meat or pasta (25gm)
    5.30pm - WORKOUT
    7.30pm - 50gms whey protein
    9.30 pm - Protein bar + special K (cereal) and skimmed milk (35gms)

    Aprox: 250gms protein

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    wheres the fat!?!? check out the cutting sticky, needs lots of work IMO


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    Thank you for your reply
    Why do you need fat? The tuna has already some essentials fats and the sanwich has cheese and even the fish has 10gms fat. I think that I am having aprox 80-100grms fat. IS IT GOOD???

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    Oh my, read BOTH stickies above. DCB said the cutting sticky, but if you are attempting to gain lean mass (as stated in your post) then read the bulking sticky.

    Tuna has d*mn near no fat in it, check the label. As well, your food choices are pretty horrid. (protein alone, all this CEREAL, breads, etc)

    Good luck,

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    As my mom would say: Oi Vei! Stickies, read, please, urgent

    Redo then ask. And to both poster and swole - depends on what tuna we are talking about. If its tinned its virtually fat free. If it is fresh and a particular species (either bluefin or yellowfin) it is a naturally fatty fish, like salmon. That's what I get here fresh - I do not get the fat free one except from a tin.


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    Diet and cardio are the 2 most important elements to shedding body fat. Its important that when you decide to start cutting you do cardio 5-7 days a week, in the morning on an empty stomach for 45-60 minutes. Your heart rate should remaind between 60-70%.

    On Cardio/Lifting days diet goes as follows:

    *Before Cardio Take Glutamine
    **Take your ECA/ECY/Thermo now if you choose to do so

    Cardio 45-60mins

    m1(approx 30-40 mins after cardio):
    Pro/Fat: 1 6-8oz piece of lean meat or tuna/1oz almonds(usually 28 almonds). Thats about 50g of protein/15g of fat.

    m2:Pro/Fat Lean Meat, 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter. Approx. 50g of protein and 15g of fat.

    m3: Pro/Fat 2 Scoops of whey and 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil. Approx. 50g of Protein and 15g of fat.


    m4(PWO): 1 scoop of whey, 1/3 cup of dextrose. Approx. 25g protein/50g carb

    m5(PPWO): 6-8oz Lean Meat(NOT STEAK OR SALMON), and half a cup of brown rice. Approx 50 protein/35carb

    m6(before bed): 2 scoops whey, 1 teaspoon glutamine powder, 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

    Cardio Only Days (Follow the food outline from above for your sources of EFA's(essential fatty acids) and protein:

    Cardio 45-60mins
    m1: Pro/Fat
    m2: Pro/Fat
    m3: Pro/Fat (optional Pro/Carb)
    m4: Pro/Fat
    m5: Pro/Fat

    Lifting Only Days:

    m1: Pro/Fat
    m2: Pro/Fat
    m3: Pro/Fat
    m4(PWO): Pro/Dex
    m5(PPWO): Pro/Carb
    m6: Pro/Fat

    Your source of lean meat can be chicken, tuna, lean ground beef or turkey. Steak and salmon can also be used but not in PPWO meal.

    Cheat one meal, once a week don’t overdue it.

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