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    Few questions about diet.

    Im about 185 now, trying to get to around 190lbs but get cut. I have a 6 pack but im not exactly cut where you can see all veins and stuff, and i have more fat around my stomach then i would like to. I work out 4 days a week and train for football 3 days a week along with doing doing minor cardio 4 times a week for liek 5-10 minutes. During the week i have a strict diet but on the weekends i usually slack off, or have only 2 meals a day, when i usually have 6 small meals. Anyways heres mostly what ive been doing.

    1. 8:00 - Cup of oatmeal and 2 eggs
    2. 9:30 - Protein shake with skim milk
    3. 12:30 - can of tuna with wheat bread and gatorade
    4. 2:30 - Protein bar or trail mix with nuts, or a banana
    5. 5:30Chicken sandwich, creatine mixed with gatorade, protein shake, or lean cuisine dinner with around 400 calories
    6. 8:30 Trail mix or protein bar

    On weekends i usually eat like this
    1. 1:00 pancakes, eggs etc.
    2. 5:00 dinner whatever i feel like eating...

    also on the weekends i have trouble with eating late night, so often im found eating pizza or something at like 130 in the morning. Anyone have advice for my diet and what i need to change in order to get cut?

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    bro u r gon need to change quite a bit! check out the cutting diet sticky

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    here it is bro:

    UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...


    The Cutting Primer
    By rambo

    Itís about time we had a decent full length post on cuttingÖ

    Letís get a few things straightÖ
    1. All of the insights Iím about to provide are not person-specific. What that means is that it is a general guideline, not a bible.
    2. I truly do believe that bodybuilding is 80% diet. You can lift your ass off daily, and still look horrible if you arenít eating right.
    3. You are what you eat. Itís just that simple.

    The BASICS-
    1.Postworkout Nutrition- Iím a firm believer that PWO nutrition is hands down the most important aspect of dieting. It is within the 15 minutes after a workout that your body is in dire need of nutrients. It is a completely anabolic state, and what you take in can be optimized to ensure maximum results. A general rule of thumb is 40-60 grams whey protein, and double the amount of whey in carbohydrates (50% dextrose/50% maltodextrin).

    2. Carbs- You are **** right, carbs. In a strict cutting diet the majority of your carbs should come in the form of PWO nutrition, and the remainder in breakfast. Fibrous veggies are a staple, but keep in mind that they donít count towards intake, as they have negligible impacts on blood sugar levels. (Exceptions: Carrots, Peas) All high glycemic carbs outside of PWO should be avoided. The best sources of low GI carbs can be found in oatmeal and brown rice, as well as yams.

    3. Protein- You need tons. 1.5-2.0 grams per pound of lean bodyweight is a good general rule of thumb. You should take in a good portion of your protein in the source of real meals, avoid intaking too many shakes, as real food comes to a better benefit. The list foods with high protein bioavailability is extensive, and I will only cover a few, (Egg whites, Lean steak, Chicken breast, the list goes on foreverÖ.).

    4. Fats- Guess what? You need fat to lose fat. We are talking about the granddaddy of fats, the EFA (Essential Fatty Acid). Good sources of fat are ( Flax Oil, Nuts, Salmon, Olive Oil).

    5. The separation of Carbs and Fats- This is a hotly debated issue, but again, in my opinion, an important aspect nonetheless. Remember that it is often when you eat items and with what you eat them that is more important than what you are eating. A mouthful, I know, but stay with me. Remember that when you take in certain carbs, you can spike your insulin levels. If you are taking in fats when your insulin has been spiked, you are allowing the basic laws of physiology to act out, and you allow for a higher propensity for fat storage. Separation is key. The sample diet will give a good example of how to separate them.

    6. Supplements-

    Glutamine: Helps prevent catabolism when cutting. Best used in dosages of 10grams daily, 5 grams before cardio, 5 grams at another interval, but not after workout as it fights for absorption with the glutamine peptides in whey.
    ALA/R-ALA- Gets my supplement of the day award. R-ALA is effective in lowering the spike of insulin when certain carbs are consumed. I could give you a dissertation on the stereoentisomeric properties of the R, but all you need to know is that it has been found to shuttle carbohydrates away from adipose and into myocytes. Translation: Away from fat cells, into muscle cells. Itís a supplement, however, not a miracle worker. Itís not a crutch, and wonít do anything about fat intake. ALA and R-ALA can also aid in the expedition of the ketogenic state. Remember that if you buy R-ALA that you supplement it with Biotin. Glucorell-R is prepackaged with it. If you can afford it, go for it. As far as dosage, with the R, you are looking at 1-2 pills of Glucorell R for each 30-40grams of carb intake.
    Protein and Carb Shakes: Iím not going to cover protein, because even if you canít afford it, you should sell a kidney to get some. Carb drinks are rather convenient, and companies offer pre mixed dosages, (CarboHit, Glycoload, UltraFuel). Dextrose and Maltodextrin can be bought from most supplement stores or online.

    7. Cheating- Cheating is essential. Why? Remember, the body runs on homeostasis, it likes to keep balance. After eating so well after a week, your body begins to adjust, and fat loss over time will not be as rapid. The other extremely important aspect is mental sanity. So many diets crash and fail because people donít give themselves a chance to breath. Remember, cheating is not an opportunity for you to pillage the entire mall food court. Shoot for a cheat meal, not an all out binge. A fast food value meal can be 2,000 calories. Eat that 3 times on one day, and youíve consumed 6,000 calories. And thatís not good in any case.

    8. Cardio- Cardio and cutting usually go hand in hand. I won't go into specifics about length, other than cardio shouldn't be excessive. 45 minutes to one hour daily should be sufficient, and should be performed on an empty stomach.

    Sample Diet:
    Note: This is a sample diet for a 200 pound gentleman who is wishing to cut. We can assume his BF to be around 15%. This diet will NOT work for you if those criteria donít apply to you; however it is easy to customize the below diet to take in account your own statistics. It is the principles that are applicable.. I am not going to post the total amount of calories, only the carb, protein and fat macros for the whole day.

    Meal 1:
    Lean Protein, 1/2 cup oatmeal

    Meal 2:
    Protein shake/Lean Protein (2 tbsp flax

    Meal 3:
    Veggies, Lean Protein


    Meal 4:
    PWO Nutrition

    Meal 5:
    Veggies, Lean Protein, 1/2 cup rice or oatmeal.

    Meal 6:
    Shake with Flax

    That turns into approximately 300 grams protein, 130 grams Carbs, and 50 grams of fat.

    *Reminder: This is a PRIMER. Itís not mean to be comprehensive.

    Here comes the fun part: Question and AnswerÖ.

    Q: What about dairy?
    A: If you donít mind a soft look, fat free cottage cheese is an excellent caseinate source, but as for milks- way too much processed sugar. NO.

    Q: Should I do a keto diet?
    A: Unless you are morbidly obese, or would like to drag your wilted muscles behind you, stay away from keto. Again, thatís my opinion. You can see my previous posts for my anti-keto ranting.

    Q: What about cycling carb intake?
    A: Obviously on non workout days you will be without a shake, so you will be auto-cycling. It works well that way.

    Q: Is sodium an issue?
    A: Outside of the bloating issue, or if you have high cholesterol, no.

    Q. How do I make my meals not taste like cardboard?
    A. Be creative. Mix in some sugar free jam or splenda in your oats, some hot sauce or soy sauce on your meats, or pick up some sugar free ketchup.

    Q. I donít like old fashioned oats. Can I eat the pre mixed oats with fruit?
    A. No. Be a man. Those mixes have ridiculous amounts of sugar.

    Q. What about fruit?
    A: Fruit replenishes glycogen stores in the liver, and in my opinion, is not to be a staple of a strict cutting diet, with a few exceptions.

    Q: Can I eat steak while cutting?
    A: Definitely. Make sure itís a leaner cut.

    And with this post I take a sabbatical. Iíd like to thank ~Swolecat~ for his influence, and to thank all of you who may have indirectly annoyed me enough to result in this elongated post. If I missed anything, or am horribly wrong on anything, feel free to PM me, and I will edit it in. Best of luck, and rememberÖ

    ďObsessed is a the word that lazy people use for dedicated.Ē

    Happy Holidays,


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    yeah, read the sticky...about 90% of what you are eating is going to be counter-productive in cutting

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    thanks for the link, i put it on my favorites and printed it out also

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    Some more helpful advise...If you don't already own the following, buy them:

    Dextrose $3.99/5lbs + shipping
    Heart Rate Monitor (NIke ones sell for $60 shipped of ebay)

    It's not about doing cardio. It's about keeping your heart rate in fat burning mode. Unless your cardio machines have built monitors buy one; even then you still might want to buy one so you can run outside if you can't make it to the gym.

    Don't eat protein bars, usually it's cr@py quality protein and have a lot of carbs/sugar.

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