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    Bad week / no food

    Well since i finished my first cycle back in early august ive kept pretty steady between 200-205 . I'll admit my diet hasnt been hardcore like when i was on but i think i've been eating enough to mantain what i have .

    So last week i had to go out of town for work(never do normally). I hardly ate at all only lunch and dinner wich was poor food at that (mon - wed). Wednseday - saturday was all partying...again bad eating......and sunday was recovery....couldnt eat . no gym the whole week . Lost almost 10 lbs!!!!down to 193 .

    Now i might go out on a satudray night...if that , so normally im at the gym all week and eat good . Today was chest....and normally i can bench 315 for 4-5 . I had trouble getting 2 . So i guess couple questions:

    1) How much damage did i do to myself... think alot of that weight was muscle?

    2) I see all the bulking diets....but do they apply when off? While off what should calorie/protien intake be around for my weight? a rough estimate , i know theres much more to dieting .

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    You probably lost some of your gains but if it was just a week, it might have been your body saying "You expect me to perform with the **** you just put in me". I just don't understand why you would chose to treat your body in such a way after all your hard work?

    I can understand you going out of town to work but partying? Off course the bulking diet applies no matter if you are on/ will of course have to tweak it to suit your needs/goals.

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    i try to eat just as much or even more when i come off.

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    Keep the cals up by eating cleaner foods while off. I would eat as much or more when off. I would definitely limit the partying. I dont know if you realize what alcohol does to your body; 1. lowers testosterone levels
    2. puts your body in a catabolic state(muscle burning)
    3. Obviously, makes you feel like sh*t, and that affects the way your body responds to intense workouts.
    As far as loosing muscle, i would like to see some research on how fast muscle can be lost under such conditions. Your weight loss was probably caused by the lack of nutrition, if it was just one week. Im sure the alcohol didnt help much though. If you keep partying on a weekly basis, it will impede your progress, and you'll essentially be starting over every week. Kinda a waste of time- Dont you think???????

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