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    Need massive gain

    little introduction

    my name is andrew, im 18, i weigh in at 135 lbs and i am 6 foot 1. i am really skinny and my diet is fairly small at the time. i want to know where i can get a diet to gain like 20 pounds in a few weeks, i am looking for massive gains.. even if it is fat at first, my body could probably use some fat


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    Dude, if you gain a load of fat you are just going to have to work hard to get it off later. I think it is a good idea to keep a low body fat and if you keep your diet in check you will grow. Read the stickies in the diet forums and also the workout stickies. You will find all you need there. And if like m eyou struggle to gain weight then get some meal replacement powder and some whey protein.

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    Beer just kidding….

    I don’t recommend a cycle at all at your age. One thing that helped me gain was eat big before going to bed and then in the middle of the night, down a protein shake or MRP.

    I agree with the above post do keyword search and one other thing. Track your diet in detail mark down what your eating and when for about a week. You will likely shock yourself I thought I was pigging came to find out I was only at 2500 calories per day with a crappy insignificant protein and carb intake.

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    Check out the bulking sticky.

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    eat 4000 calories a day and do heavy deadlift, squat, bench and military press.

    You will grow.

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    very unhealthy to gain 20 lbs in a few weeks (which is also highly improbable), but utilize the bulking sticky and heavy compound movements like A&F said.

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    yeah you definitly wont gain 20lbs of lean muscle in a few weeks.... even if you used a sh!t load of the most powerful roids there are you probably could gain 20lbs of muscle in just a few weeks... naturally you could gain 1-3lbs if you worked really really hard on your workout and diet...

    start taking 1.5-2grams/body weight of GOOD protein... there are a lot of brands out there... isopure is my favorite, but whats even better is some of the stuff at that site will let you customize your protein with different forms of protein which have different properties and absorption rates... you should also eat a lot of complex carbs such as oatmeal, yams, greens, etc. and immediately after you lift (within minutes of the last rep) get home and drink a protein shake with a good amount of protein (50-100g) and double that with some dextrose (meaning take 100-200g dex depending on how much protein you take at that time)... but only take the dextrose after your workout.. just once a day. if you cant get dextrose( ) you can drink a lot of apple juice too... that works too

    eat good & train hard

    good luck

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