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    Benefit of taking a 500 mg vitamin c cap with PPWO meal

    I have been taking a 500 mg ester vitamin c cap twice a day. One with breakfast and one with my PPWO meal.

    I heard it's beneficial if you take it, like I'm doing, with your PPWO meal. Why is that? Anyone else hear this?

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    I haven't, no.


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    I thought I read a study that indicated Vit C post workout had hindering effects on gains however I cant seem to find it. If you have a link with some info I would certainly like to check it out. I believe that Ball State University Sports Medicine did a study that was published in M&F or Flex on the effectiveness of Vit. C but I cant find it anywhere right now.

    I was able to dig this up though on supplementation of Vit E.,13...9-1271,00.html

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