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    Need some useful advice

    I just started a cycle of stanzanol for the sole purpose to cut up, while losing fat. What is the best diet for a me? I'm about 230lbs and stand 5'10, a lot of my weight is in fact muscle, but i want to get down to 190 before March. Is this possible?? I read other posting that just want a handout of a diet, i just need to be pointed in the right direction, of both a) what i should be eating b) cardio / and correct work out more reps, less weight..Any help would be appreciated...

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    I am moving this to the diet section. You should read the info there since this is a very general question. After you have the basics you can get some great specific advice there.

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    UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...

    check it out!!! this really helped me alot.

    after you read it post what you are doing and the guys will tweak it for you!!

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    Starting a cycle of winny to cut up won't cut you up. Winny will not cut you up, a sound dietary/cardio approach will.


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    So basically bust a$$ at cardio, and eat right...Winny will give me some sort of comparative advantage or edge wont it? Are protein shakes essential?

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