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    Do I Have Time To Diet?

    Hey, I'm new here and i have read the diet sticky on bulking (which is what I'm working on)
    I am 18 years old. 5'11''and 158lbs.
    I am out of school now, however, I work about 40 hrs a week. I need to be eating at least 7/8 times according to the sticky. I wake up and some mornings i work, some I don't, in which case I work nights. I work at a Wings and Ribs restaurant. I mainly eat a grilled chicken breast or two, but I don't know what else I should eat. If someone is in my shoes a little bit, and could post their diet, or if you could make me a sample diet plan, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Read the bulking stickie again, then read it again, read it once more and then read it again.

    You must post a sample diet here so the bro's here that are knowledgable on bulking can help you tweak it.

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