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Thread: canned chicken

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    canned chicken

    hey i was just curious what do you guys think of canned chicken (such as sweet sue's) as a protein source. I'm not a huge tuna fan. I saw chicken in a can at the store and it looks like an easy, covenient protein source. I just worry if it is actually as healthy as it looks given the preservatives.

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    yeah there is quite a bit of sodium... same thing with tuna. I'd say for grams of protein per dollar tuna is WAY cheaper... one of those Tyson chicken cans with 50g protein was $4.00!!

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    Yeah, i am not a big tuna fan so I do get the canned chicken but 4.00 is ridiculous. I spend about 2.30 on the canned chicken and 1.89 on the big cans of tuna.

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