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    starting cycle soon what do I eat?

    I am starting the 12 week novice cycle on this website in a few weeks. I weigh 260 right now and am on the test gel my supply runs out in 8 days looking to start cycle about 2-3 weeks after that at the end of the cycle I would like to be around 300. My chest and arm I would like to bulk up on but my stomack I really need to get leaner. I have heard chicken and rice is good but should I eat that everyday. just wandering if any of you guys have any suggestions thank you guys for any suggestions thanks dre

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    just eat lean foods if you are looking to gain and not get hella fat. Stay away from fried foods and fast food. Lean meats, chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc... complex carbs...oats, wheats, rice, yams, pots, etc...

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    check out the sticky atop the diet forum on clean bulking

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