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    Gonna have to add some carbs pre workout

    Who has a pro/carb meal preworkout? What's it look like and how far is it spaced from the begginning of your workout? I've been cutting for a week so far and lost 12lbs of fat, but my workouts have been suffering. I've been eating all my carbs pwo and ppwo, and then one pro/carb meal during the off days. I've been eating a strict 2600 calories (about 800 below maintanence). My cycle looks like this:

    700mg Test prop
    500mg EQ
    350mg Tren ace
    100mcg clen /100mcg T3
    12ius slin and 6mg PGF2-A pwo only
    Femera, nolva, b6 etc.

    I was hoping to limit my carbs to pwo and ppwo, but I've been losing fat so fast I think some preworkout carbs would be worthwhile. Opinions?

    Looking to get to 4-6% bf within the next 11 weeks.

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    200 @ 11%..... to go to 4-6% you will most likely drop around 180 easy minimum... i say noway for the pre carbs.. most people including myself find it harder to really rip up towards the end, thats when body fat is really hard to take off, and fine tuning the diet is like 99%, lol

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