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Thread: diet input

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    Thumbs up diet input

    currently cutting i am 5"9 185lbs 9% bf

    brkfst- protein shake 1/2 cup of oatmeal 1 serv. of applesauce (40g protein/ 50g carbs)

    midmorn- 1 packet of tuna- (19g protein)

    lunch- 1 chicken breast with salad-(30g protein/few carbs)

    prewrkt- protein shake and 1 red potatoe -(40g protein/27g carbs)

    postwrkout- protein shake grape juice and applesauce -(40g protein/85g carbs)

    1hr after- chicken breast slice of whole wheat bread- (30g protein/ 11g carbs)

    latenight- protein shake- (36g protein)

    totals 173 carbs..............235 protein.

    some protein meals i will substitute egg whites for chicken.

    i also consume 25g of glutamine daily
    morning/nite multivitain
    9g of flax seed oil spread out daily

    i know i need about 50 more grams of protein, should it come from whole foods or could it come from a shake?

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    Check the cutting sticky. You need to make sure you are including fats OR carbs with your protein every meal. ex: midmorn-tuna, add a tbsp of mayo or flax oil so you have a pro/fat meal. Ideally your PWO should be dextrose and whey. Use sweetarts untill you get some dextrose, 2:1 ratio, twice as much dextrose as protein. If your cutting you are sure eating alot of sugar, and sugar=fat ex: grape juice applesauce. Add some ranch dressing to your salad for lunch. Breakfast seems to be okay.
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    wouldnt he want to add more carbs to lunch? and make his mid-morn. meal a pro/fat?

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    ok, so i am consuming too much sugar post workout. i thought you were supposed to consume simple carbs post workout? i will pick up some sweetarts. also isn't mayo and ranch dressing full of unhealthy fats? i am not doubting anything you guys are saying just trying to get my bearings thats all.

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    lol im not telling :D


    -No Fructose PWO its metabolized in liver not quite as effective still deceant i suppose, get sucrose(whiteSugar) or better yet dextrose which is closest realitive to Glucose. 2:1 Ratio C|P
    -when u eat tuna eat flax w/ it (AND SPLENDA! LOL) ITS what ~SC~ would do!
    -With your chicken salad try smalls serving of BrownRice or a 4oz YAM(THEY OWN)
    -Eat like a Jug of FatFree Cottage CHeese for PreWorkout has mad aminos Simple Sugars and Long Lasting Protein.
    -I eat my PPWO about 30min after shake since Whey Isolate is Metabo'd in about 30min and i like a constant streem of Protein in my sys. GOD i would hook up a Whey I.V. if i could
    -For your Final Meal Eat Meat and Fat Most protein shakes wont last your whole night unless its like Caesin... Try Salmon w/ tbs Flax or 1.5tbs NPButtr
    or some sort of lean meat and drink a bottle of Olive Oil

    im and Abid Fan of Turkey for its L-Tyrosine and Tomatoes for the Aspartame

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