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    question on todays meals

    Hello all, this is my first post. I have been reading a lot here for the past week or so and I decided to register. Anyway, today was my first day with a prescribed medecine called adderal. So this stuff makes me not want to eat at all. I've basically been trying to get a 6pack (getting real close) and get stronger, but my main goal is to lose body fat percentage. Anyway heres today:

    beggining of day to end of day.
    20mg adderall, ECA stack
    1. 55g protein shake 200Kcal
    * 1 hour workout *
    2. 500Kcal sandwich 48 carb 25g protein
    3. 55g protein shake 200kCal
    ECA stack
    * 45 minute run *

    anyway, thats all I have done all day, this adderal stuff is crazy, it keeps me concentrated and i have a TON of energy, 45 minute so running was esay. But i think i need to eat, this cannot be healthy. What would you guys say is the best thing for me to do at this point.

    Btw, I'm 5'10 170 pounds.

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    check out the cutting sticky on the main page should help you out a lot.

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    yes that diet is very unhealthy. I would starve if that's all i ate...check out the diet forum and see if you can't come up with a better diet...

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