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Thread: Corn Tortillas?

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    Corn Tortillas?

    What do ya guys think of Corn Tortillas for a “okay” to eat diet food. When I say diet, I mean cutting, not real strict diet.

    The main ingredients are Ground Corn and Cellulouse Gum. They have to be better for you than flour tortillas. I’ve read of people loosing large amounts of weight just using a “no flour no sugar” approach. These would fall under that category.

    Grill up some lean chicken or ham with a few fat free singles and you have a nice little snack.

    25g of carbs in 2 shells and 2g of fat .5g saturated.

    What do you guys think? Just love Mexican food, I could eat seasoned chicken with onions and a few shells all day!

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    lol im not telling :D
    corn = starch = insulin spike personally i wouldnt touch them cept PPWO and event then bleh

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    I eat whole wheat tortilla's a couple times a week, try those!

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    I’ve made huge BF drops before getting 25-75g of carbs, about 300g of protein and 30g of fat a day. Most of my carbs when I diet always come from fibrous green veggies. I normally don’t put oats or sweet potatoes into my cutting diets. Was just not sure if I could get away with using corn tortilla instead of a veggie

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    I use corn tortillas (fresh ones) as part of my second pwo meal at times.

    No different than grits, it's made from corn, and it's a starch.


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