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    Possibly Screwing Up My AM Cardio???


    Im currently cutting and the only thing that stops me from eating box after box of Fruity Pebbles during the night is drinking anywhere from 8-16 ounces of Crystal Light instead.

    1) Will this screw up some hormones or whatever so my body isnt reaping the benefits of AM cardio?

    2) Also I chew a half of piece of gum (1 stick of gum has 2 grams of sugar) 5 min before I do cardio.......Again will this throw my body out of whack???


    PS - Say I chug a big glass of Crystal Light right before I do cardio. Will this throw me outta whack?

    Yes I know Im a weirdo

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    It won't hurt, no.

    To be safe, drink water before cardio and chew the gum after too.


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