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    cardio/diet question?

    well this week so far i have only done one day of cardio all week(went to go and do it today and all the power was out at my gym so nothing worked) So anyways my question is I work a job where i am a masonry assistant and I do this every morning it invovlves a lot of heavy carryinG a lot of walking pushing wheelbarrows etc... I always do it on an empty stomach for about 2 hours until our first break when i eat, it is hardwork i usually get a good sweat going, I am currently cutting right now and i know i need plenty of cardio will this substitue for some kind of cardio? Also on the diet side just had my PPWO and i was all out of oatmeal so i replaced it with straight up rice chex will that kill my diet? I am not getting ready for a show or anything.

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    in my experience substituting food for other not so good foods wont kill your diet, just dont do it alot.

    doing the hard work will help, but it cant substitute for your cardio.

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