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    Why we should eat fat

    I always thought that high fat diet=more testosterone was a myth but aperently not. To bad they didnt compere betwen a diet high in saturated fat/transfats and a diet high in efa's to se what is most effective in increasing androgen levels.

    Low Fat High Fiber Diet Decreased Serum and Urine Androgens in Men*

    Wang C, Catlin DH, Starcevic B, Heber D, Ambler C, Berman N, Lucas G, Leung A, Schramm K, Lee PW, Hull L, Swerdloff RS.

    Divisions of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine and Pediatrics and the General Clinical Research Center, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, 1000 W Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90509, UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, 2122 Granville Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025and The Center for Human Nutrition, 900 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1742.

    To validate our hypothesis that reduction in dietary fat may result in changes in androgen metabolism, 39 middle-aged white, healthy men (50 to 60 yr) were studied while they were consuming their usual high fat, low fiber diet and after 8 weeks modulation to an isocaloric low fat, high fiber diet. Mean body weight decreased by 1 Kg whereas total caloric intake, energy expenditure and activity index were not changed. After diet modulation, mean serum testosterone (T) concentration fell (P < 0.0001) accompanied by small but significant decreases in serum free testosterone (P = 0.0045), 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone (DHT, P = 0.0053), and adrenal androgens (Androstendione, P = 0.0135; DHEA-S, P = 0.0011). Serum estradiol and sex hormone binding globulin showed smaller decreases. Parallel decreases in urinary excretion of some testicular and adrenal androgens were demonstrated. Metabolic clearance rates of T were not changed and production rates of T showed a downward trend while on low fat diet modulation. We conclude that reduction in dietary fat intake (and increase in fiber) results in 12% consistent lowering of circulating androgens levels without changing the clearance.

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