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    Old Lady Needs Help

    Ok here’s the situation. Good old mom. My mother is 69 yrs old. She does 45 min’s Mon thru Fri on her treadmill at 3 mph. She is 5”4” tall and weighs as of today 184 lbs. 3 months ago she weighed in at a good 209 lbs. She has been dieting. Her diet consist of the following
    Breakfast: 1 cup dry oats cooked .or cold cereal, skim milk, sweet n low plus fruit
    Lunch: 1 sandwich containing, 97% fat free ham, lettuce, tomato , onion and mustard, plus fruit
    Dinner: 2 corn tortillas, refried beans, lettuce, tomato and salsa. Or something else.

    The past two weeks she has gained a lb instead of losing. So I wrote her this diet. She claims no good as not enough diary, not enough fruit and to much protein. I need someone who knows there shit to write me a diet for my mother if my is no good . Here mine is.
    Meal 1
    5 egg whites
    1 yolk
    ½ cup oatmeal
    ½ an apple

    Meal 2
    4oz of ground turkey breast
    ¾ of a cup of cooked brown rice
    ½ cup of broccoli

    Meal 3
    4oz chicken breast
    8oz of red potatoes
    ½ cup squash

    Meal 4
    4oz of Salmon
    8oz of yam
    ½ cup green beans

    Meal 5
    4oz of Tilapia
    1 cup of corn
    ½ coli flower

    Meal 6 is “”Optional””
    4oz Ocean perch
    ½ cup spinach

    Please tell me what you think and re-write it if you think its no good

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    i think that is a lot for an older women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.shred
    i think that is a lot for an older women.

    i agree, however i wont write a diet for an elderly person becuase im not a qualified dietition and only am able to give advice for the mid to younger crowd since that is the crowd im in and my research stops there. your best bet may be to go see a doctor, my buddies dad is a doctor and he works in a gym a few days a week giving seminars and writing diets so maybe try to find someone in this type of work, or someone here may be able to help you!

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    yeah, im with hollywood on this one, all I can say is try and keep the calcum WAY up there... If she feels like thats what she wants to do...

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