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    Abs, Diet & Cardio

    OK, so I am on a bulking diet and just started a Sust only cycle, possibly will add Deca . Here is the stomach is getting bigger. Yes, i'm consuming alot more food and the diet is clean (not enough essesntial fats but working on it). Concerned if I do intense cardio (sweating) everyday I will not be able to bulk. Is this a myth? All I do for cardio is walk (rarely sweat) on a treadmill at a 3.0 pace and a 10.0 incline for 15 minutes before and for 10 minutes after training, 5 days a week. I do this slow paced cardio as I was told years ago that if I want to bulk, my cardio has to minimal. So I do what I do just to keep some blood flowing through the veins if that makes sense. How often can I do cardio and how often can I train abs and still successfully bulk?
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    well first off..if you are on a bulking diet...some of the weight you gain is going to be fat..plain and simple...on the cardio thing the best way to do it is in the morning..also make sure you are between 65-75 Mrh and do it for atleast 30 minutes...many people don't recomend doing cardio when you lift..(whether that be before or after) because 1. you aren't getting your pwo shake that you need. 2 you might be burning up muscle...

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