When i return to bulking id like to try out a few different things with my diet. In all honesty untill i started precontest it had been sloppy with it.
I was thinking of rotating the volume of carbs im consuming per day. I dont have any studies or info to back up my idea (as for now thats all it is) but i figured it interested me so I may give it a go.
The basic idea was to ramp up my carbs by 100g every day, starting at 200g and topping off at 1000g then lowering by 100g every day untill i get down to 200g and repeat. The basic idea as i see it is that i will be slowly loading up on carbs allowing my body to begin to adapt to a higher carb diet then slowly lowering the volume i have down again making it desire the carbs its not getting, hopefully making it more sensetive to them when i ramp it up again.
Potholes i can see is that this could just make me fat but in all honesty i dont really know what effect this will have on me.
Anyone tried anything simmilar or have enough exp to give me an opinion on this?
I guess its kinda like carb cycling