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Thread: Cookin Yams?

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    Cookin Yams?

    Just curious how you guys prepare your Yams/sweet potatoes?

    I have never cooked them before and am going to try them. The brown rice is getting old.

    Microwave and splenda maybe?

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    cook with sugar free maple syope in the oven on 400 for 45 min... or micro first to cut down time.. tastes wicked awesome... candy yams.. you think you're cheating!

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    yup, 'bout 8min in the microwave, some spray butter and pepper...those things are sweet enought for me as-is...when cuttin', my favorite meal of the day...

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    Wrap the yam in saran wrap that will create a convection if made in the microwave. If I have time I cook several at a time in the oven 350 for an hour or so. Cooked til soft and ooozing sugar juices....It makes the house smell incredible and to me cooked in the oven has a sweeter taste then the micro.

    I use splenda on mine. I love sweet foods and that totally satisfies the cravings..I 've tried the sugar free maple sryrup sweetened with Splenda and found it to have a weird after taste.. However, my wife loves it...

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