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    useing simple carbs while cutting ??????please read

    what up guys at the begining of my cutting diet i was useing instat oatmeal for a carbs i switched over the regualr rolled oats ever since i switced i have felt supper bloated and my stomach feels flabby and i look flabby with a soft look as well so after weeks of searching to see what the problem was this morning i had a tablespoon of honey with my rolled oats and i felt great and it was like my body tightend up i was full and hard very veiny and m stomach had no bloat now do you think it was lack of sugars in my body??? should i go back to instant i also had some honey pre and post work out today i havnt felt this good in a while my local gym's nutritionist told me to stick with the simple sugars that its no big deal and that they will help me stay ripped im just curious as why the complex rolled oats are bloating me....and guys when i say bloated i mean bloated

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    for some reason...sometimes it helps....i wanna look up ne info bout this....

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