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Thread: bit of help plz

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    bit of help plz

    trying to get a clean-bulking diet on the go here but am having a few problems mainly with meals 4 and 6! take a look lads and tell me what i need to improve on! really doing some reserach on eating on the past few months so i know this aint as good as most of your diets, but this is all i have to work with beucz of my money and stuff!

    my pwo meal is crappy but i shall b getting some whey very soon and dex etc..

    Meal 1:
    100g Sherred Wheat - 692kals,33g Protein,79g Carbs
    2 Whole egg
    4 Egg whites
    250ml Milk

    Meal 2: (PWO)
    5 Egg whites - 457kals,48g Protein,36g Carbs
    1 whole egg
    2 Slices Whole Grain bread
    1 Tin of tuna

    meal 3:
    100g B.Rice - 497kals,30g Protein,74g Carbs
    1 Chicken Breast

    meal 4:
    100g lettuce - 283kals,30g Protein
    1 Chicken Breast
    Tbp Olive Oil

    meal 5:
    300g Brussels - 515kals,30g Protein
    100g Peas
    1 Chicken Breast
    100g Mushrooms
    Tbp Olive Oil

    meal 6:
    250g Cottage Cheese - 340kals,30g Protein
    Tbp Olive Oil

    Total: 2784kals
    Protein: 201g
    Carbs: 189g

    i want to get to the 3000kals mark! i am 6'2, 215lbs by the way

    so any help woul b cool, thx

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