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    Best appettite suppressant???

    Hey guys,

    I lift hard and frequently, do lots of cardio (via wrestling as well as controlled cardio on an eliptical), and try to eat responsibly. My biggest problem of all, however, is fighting my urges to eat. Can anyone suggest the best appettite suppressant around? I don't care if it's black market or OTC, I just want one that will work well. Also, I'm trying to stay away from ECA stacks for this particular purpose if I can (I'm thinking of starting a cycle of either DNP or Clen and so I don't want to mix ECA w/that). Any suggestions?

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    Do a clen /ECA and throw in some willpower. Eat sugar free jello, that shit fills you up big time. Eat TONS os fibrous veggies, broc,cauli...etc.

    Egg whites for protein, tuna, chicken...and PB and flax oil for healthy fats.

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    ephedrine works wonders...(mohung) I lost a ton on it...makes you forget all about food

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    Super lean ground beef is great too. 96/4 is what I eat, about 1.5lbs a day. I end up rotating Tuna, Beef, and Chicken so I don't get too bored.

    ECA will help tremendously. Clen is "ok" but not all that its cracked up to be. I'd be eating the ECA more often but I'm on a cycle now and it just throws my BP and Pulse WAYWAY to high.


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    If you are going to do clen , try to cyle it so that you do 2weeks clen, two weeks ECA. Keeps the reptors crossed and works wonders.

    I am not sure that you should really have to control the quanity of food you consume. I think that if you are as hungry as you say, its probably your bodys way of telling you that you need something. make sure you are taking a good mutivitamin.

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    watch your self with pure ephadrine...if you take pure ephadrine or pure ephadrine plus i wouldnt suggest doing messes with your heart and alot of college football players have died from it. i'm a competetive swimmer and i took that before an event thinking it would help me, but it nearly suffocated me and i passed out
    but hell it works great for weight loss, just dont take too many at a time or you will become immune to it, i went off it for about 6 months because it no longer worked for me

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    Meridia (silbutramine) works well.

    Pondimin works as a good appetite supressant as well, but it's no longer prescribed in the US. (It was associated with a very small number of people taking it developing an irreversible heart problem.)

    I don't recommend taking appetite supressants. They don't help you to learn good diet management & exercise habits which is the key to long-term weight loss & management.

    In fact, most people taking appetite supressants find they can lose weight easily without learning good diet /exercise habits and it becomes a viscious cycle: you wind up yo-yoing like mad; you take pills, lose weight, go back to your bad habits, gain weight & repeat...

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