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    What Is Going On!!!!

    I have been recording by daily calorific intake for 3 weeks now..Basically works out 4000kcal on training days and 3000kcal on non training days..with cardio 45min 3 times a week..

    When i first started i weighed 202lbs.. 3 weeks on i am 205 lbs..This extra pound what is it??lol

    I am stronger and harder looking so i guess its muscle.,So my question is..could this be an extra 3 pound in muscle???

    I am going to stick to this plan untill my weight stays the same i.e reaches plateau...and then up the kcals..Is this a good plan??

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    IMO If it is working for you and the results are what you are looking for, I don't see a reason to change as long as the results still keep coming.

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