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Thread: Animal Diet

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    Animal Diet

    Guys, check out this cutting diet from Its from the journey section of the website. This looks really unorthadox. Would this really be effective if you could stick to it for precontest. This dude looks legit.

    Meal One:
    - 2 cups oatmeal
    - 12 large egg whites

    Meal Two:
    - 16 oz. eye round
    - 1 large yam

    Meal Three:
    - 16 oz. eye round
    - 1 large yam

    Meal Four:
    - 16 oz. eye round
    - 1 large yam

    Meal Five:
    - 16 oz. eye round
    - 1 large yam

    Meal Six:
    - 12 egg whites

    He says he drinks about 2 gal of water daily and he doesnt even count the calories. He just makes changes by how his boby feels. Is he just really advanced?

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    Wow, boring!


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    That looks crap to me. Enough yams to sink a battle ship! Where are the EFA's?

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