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    Need help with a LEAN MASS DIET!!!

    hey guys im trying to figure out a good diet for putting on some LEAN MASS> thats what my up coming cycle is .. and i need some help.. acutally planning one out..
    i was thinking something like this?

    breakfast- 6 egg whites 2yokes 1 cup oatlmeal 1 banana

    early snack- protien shake 2 peice of 12 grain bread with peanutbutter

    lunch- chicken breast with steams veg.

    preworkout - meal replacement shake.

    post workout- protien shake 1 can of tuna on whole grain bread

    dinner- steak, chicken or fish w/ steamed veg

    before bed snack- 1cup oatmeal

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    not a very good diet at all
    1-never consume carbs by themselves(ie:no protein)
    2- for a lean bulk definitley do not eat them the last meal of the day
    3- do not combine carbs and fats
    4- consult the stickies at the top of the forum for a couple of samples of lean bulks, including a breakdown of calories and macros that will suit you

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    I will also toss in that you need to post your stats...

    but unless you are a midget... prolly not eating near enough either.

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    Too few calories.

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