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Thread: Fat Old Man!

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    Fat Old Man!

    My dad is a fat 50 year old who lost his work ethic after his fiancee told him it was "her or the Juice". He chose her and then stopped workin out for a couple of months. Now he has regained his vigor and wants to burn down his waist (big time).

    He's no stranger to the gym but needs to know how to maximize his fat loss. I have informed him about cardio before any meals in the morning. I have also told him to incorporate an ECA stack, but don't know the proper ratio or the dosage for someone his age.

    What kind of supps, food intake, and how much cardio for the old fatty??
    Your help is very much appreciated, thanx Nut.

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    If his heart is in good health ECA stacks are typically, 25mg E/ 200mg A/ and 200 mg C.

    There are lots of diets that are used for cutting. You may want to look over some other threads in this forum.

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    I would have to throw this out there.

    I really would get him checked out by a DR. just a quick checkup to make sure the ticker and everything else is great.

    Then i would look up cutting diet through the search.
    here is my basic plan these days
    My diet plan is 6 small meals,

    breakfast 2 eggs 1 yolk, one bowl of oatmeal x 1

    lunch and dinner 1 meat and 2 veggies (green) x 2

    snack 1 fruit (apple,orangeb 1/2 bannanna) x 3

    I also add in a shake with flaxseed oil (refridgerated)
    make sure to get some ASAP. its great for you and will help you cut some.

    AND make sure to take your vitamins and drink LOADS of water.
    water water water is so important to your entire body.

    Start out with some light cardio (walking,ect) and create a plan that includes exercise daily, or atleast 3 times a week.

    As Beenie said, once the diet is in line (and only after that)
    buy a good ECA stack or make one yourself.

    E=Ephidrine 20-25mgs
    C=Caffeine 200mgs
    A=Aspirin 325mgs
    3x day before 5pm
    (cannot remember who posted this recipie but thanks)

    I started out over 300lbs and i was in really bad spirits. I began walking 30 mins a day on a treadmill and before long i had a whole different outlook on life.

    I suggest you buy a heart monitor. My first one was under 50 bucks and it will keep you from wasting time on cardio by allowing you to stay in the heart rate zone that is most effective.

    (or use the talk test, if you can talk but not sing you are usually close to your range.)

    I know this may not have been what you wanted to know, but if i have learned one thing its this.

    there is no magic pill or device. It takes time, a plan and a truck load of determination. I know you already prolly know this but even with juice it still comes down to hardwork first.

    Keep us posed on your Dad and yourself!
    I wish all the best in the journey

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    [List=1][*] Get a checkup. If the doc gives him a clean bill of health, proceed![*] A good diet & cardio program. [*] Have him look into Hormone Replacement Therapy. Getting the doc' to prescribe testosterone should shut up the finacee! (Honey: doctor's orders!)[*] Get him on the AR "Over 35 Forum." Us Old Farts don't get out much and need new friends. [*] ECA if all else goes well.[/list=1]
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