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    What do you people think?

    Ok heres the deal. I have been cutting all summer long(since June 1st) and I plan to continue cutting probably through mid-august.

    Then I plan to bulk cleanly for a little while. During my cutting I have lost about 10 lbs (200 down to 190). I have a body fat somewhere under 10%. I have the best cuts I have ever had in my life. I was considering using some creatine during my bulking and I was wondering just how bloaty do you people think it will make me. I hear that you can put on some good weight using it but when you come off it you lose about half of it because it was water.

    What do you people think?

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    Some people like to use Creatine, some people hate it. It's really a personal prefference. Yes, you will lose some weight when you come off, but how much of it that you keep is going to be up to you and how well you train/eat,etc. Creatine would be used for more as a tool in this case. It is used to aid in the muscle building process while it's in your system. Not used to keep any significant gains. What you do gain though will be because of the added weight and strengh that you have put on with the aid of creatine, therefore you will be able to push your body harder and further than you would without it. As for the bloat, I personally feel that it's a bunch of bunk. The water that you gain with Creatine is stored throughout your muscles, not under the skin.

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