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    Back To School in 3 weeks... help Define my college diet please!

    yep, back to school in about 3 weeks, and that means its time to get strict and serious.. the best part is I'M FINALLY OFF OF THE MEAL PLANS!!! so please, help me define a nice college diet

    therefor, i need some ideas for the grocery shopping end. the best part is my roomate will also be on the same diet so things will be easier. i'm estimating i'll have about 50$ a week or so plus whatever my roomate spends to spend on food. here is a list of some stuff i have thought up that i will buy regularly:

    - oatmeal
    - oatmeal crisp w/almond cereal
    - "X" amount of chicken breasts
    - "X" amount of tuna packets
    - almonds
    - brown rice
    - white rice
    - potatoes
    - steaks
    - lean ground beef (to make Taco's with)
    - tons of Deer meat (ground) also to use in taco's (depending on how this hunting season goes )
    - peanut butter and jelly sandwitches
    - many many hardboiled eggs

    feel free to add any more ideas, i'll REALLY appreciate it

    oh yea, we'll also be intaking about 2-3 protein shakes per day

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    Don't forget pasta, it cost like 1$/1kg

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    wheres the green veggies bro .....some broccoliu or spinach ......tif you cant stand the taste just throw some in your tacos or rice and you wont even notice it ......i would add

    i would try to stay away from jelly if your trying to diet .......even sugar free jelly ......y not just eat the peanut butter sandwhich or the penaut b utter with out the bread.....the bread and penaut butter is almost 35 extra carbs........and i would getrid of the cerial to if i was u .....oatmeal and eggs is 100 times better....the cerial once or twice a week would be ok

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    All I can say is stock up on the BEER and WEED.....

    Seriously, keep you diet tight and fight as hard as you can against the late night should be okay

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