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  • under 500

    4 28.57%
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    6 42.86%
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    2 14.29%
  • over 1000

    2 14.29%
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    Avgerage # of post workout calories?

    About how many calories do you average bet/ post-workout and post-post workout meals?

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    post workout:

    50g protein --isopure
    40g carbs --gatorade powder
    0g fat-- NUFFIN

    post post workout:

    50g protein --whey,egg,casein blend
    50g carbs --3/4-1cup (barley,oats,whole rye mixture)
    2g fat --from the protein powder

    i keep carbs with protein and fat with protein never fat and carbs...

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    Post-workout - 40g protein, 80g carbs
    1 hour later - 40g protein, 50g+ carbs, 10-20g fat

    Those 2 "meals" usually total over 1000.

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    i usually have a MRP containing aprox 450 cals , 52 g protein , 20 gram carbs and 4 grams fat

    aprox 1-1 1/2 hour latter i usually eat 1/2 cup oats or rice with a can of tuna or chicken breast

    and some creatine post workout

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    Post workout Dextrose/Maltodextrin/Hydrolyzed Whey shake 100g carbs and 50g protein, no fat, so that is 600cals

    Post post meal is 2cups of rice cooked and a whey eggwhite and casein shake no fat again 100g C and 50 another 600 there

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