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    URGENT! Serious bloat problem with cheat day and diet

    I am on a basically very low carb diet, with efas and protein in virtually every meal. It amounts up to 1600cals.
    I was up to 86kg. I thought i needed to carbup.

    I did a cheat day
    1 bowl cherrios
    1 cinnamon roll

    1 pizza double stuff slice
    1 chicken hamburger bbq sauce
    1 small bag chips
    vanilla coke

    2 oatmeal packets
    1 bowl cheerios

    1/2 pound burger with bacon
    tortilla dips
    cookies and cream cheescake

    I ballooned up to 89kg the morning after. WTF?
    I need to make a weight and i need some serious water manipulation tactics NOW to get rid of every single one of those kilos so i can continue on my diet. I need urgent advice, help me out.
    Never again will i do this, but to late to lament myself. I thought i needed to eat A LOT of carbs, and its what i did. Obviously my metabolism was shocked but in a negative way? ENLIGHTEN ME!

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    URGENT! Serious bloat problem with cheat day and diet

    Try a cheat meal next time. You probably ate a ton of sodium from the junk food. Are you currently on an AS cycle? Sodium retention is more sensitive to the body if you are. If you can get a scrip for an diuretic that will drop a couple a pounds off in about a half a day. If that’s not an option find a dry heat sauna and sweat your ass off.

    good luck!

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    I think IS hit the nail on the head with the amount of shit you eat in that day the sodium levels went high and your body retained more water.I suffer from water retention but have found if I keep hydrated and my sodium very low I can control it.Stay away from processed foods they contain huge amounts of salt

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    holy shit what you didnt eat for the week you made it up all in one day.....shoot for maybe 200 carbs for you cheat day. you only want enough carbs to fill your stores back up .Your muscles if you do it right will look nice and full. To much carbs and your going to look smooth and bloated.

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