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    breakfast burritos, not perfect but heres the numbers

    Hey gang,

    I make and eat breakfast burrittos as meal replacements. i never eat more than two at a time and a max of 4 for the day.

    although its not a wonderful total the numbers come out like this

    332 cals
    15.9 protien
    22.7 carbs
    17.8 fats

    i dont do anything special

    1 tortilla (the nasty bad for you white ones)
    1.2 oz eggs (4 yolks out of 15 eggs typically i make a bunch)
    1 slice american cheese
    .4 oz sausage(really just for flavor)
    a drip of hot sauce

    I wrap them tight into plastic wrap so the microwave will steam them and make em much better.

    As i figure it, it follows the idea of 40/30/30 mostly. Its not perfect numbers but what do yall think?

    I supplement with shakes and chicken and lean meat through out the day so im not worried about my protien intake.

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    Hey Buddha_Red, I eat them everyday. I make mine a little different though. I make them up on Sunday nights to bring for one of my mid day meals (9:00 or 3:00).

    I use:
    1 98% fat free tortilla
    5 egg whites, 1 whole egg
    ¼ cup lean ground turkey(seasoned with chili powder)
    ¼ cup brown rice
    Fat Free cheddar

    Then when I eat them, I use salsa!

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    Buddha_red - sorry bro but they are a little high in fat.

    The 40/30/30 rule is regarding calories - those burrito's get nearly 50% of their calories from the fat (17.8 * 9 = r160 kcals).

    NoLimits sound much lower in fat so maybe give those a try? Having said that eating a certain amount of fat helps to create a better fat burning environment so maybe they are actually beneficial to you on your diet...?

    Alternating between the two types might be a happy medium?

    Train hard!


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    good info from both!

    i was worried about the fat total also. I couldnt find exact totals for my eggs since i use very little yolk in my eggs 4 out of 15 whites so it may be a bit lower.

    and i really need to switch my tortillias, they are adding fat i dont need.

    I will play with the numbers and recipies and see what i can figure out in my kitchen. if i find anything yummy i will be sure to post it

    thanks bros!

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    Not bad if you're bulking, but a bit much if you're cutting.

    The only thing that wasn't listed, and is likely high due to the processed cheese, is the sodium (which causes water retention). You can get around this by using Swiss cheese (which tends to have low sodium) instead of American or Cheddar cheese.

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