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    Burning The Kitchen Down!!!!

    Ok, I didn't burn the kitchen down, but I did fall asleep with my chicken in the oven and burned it pretty good.
    On sunday nights I cook all my chicken breast for the week ahead so I can just throw in the microwave. Now the question I want to know is with them being burned (some more than others) will this change the amount of protein that they are supposed to contain? It sounds like a dumb question but just curious. I've been eating them even though it's about killing me.......just want to know if I'm still getting the protein that I'm usually getting. Thanks........

    .....OK quit laughing at me now!!!!!

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    Jerky anyone ?

    Remember that beef jerky does have protein as well as calories. Just because it is burned doesnt mean you have ruined it completely .. Of course remember that the profile will have changed slighty.


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