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    Post Workout Nougat

    Ohmegod - I just saw h ow they make nougat on TV. It is just sugar, water, corn syrup and egg whites (plus other additives you can leave out like honey, vanilla, nuts etc.). I was thinking, it would be so easy to make that, add some protein powder into the mix, and perhaps substitute the sugar and corn syrup for suryp and dextrose or maltodextrin (whatever would be best for postworkout carbs), beat the egg whites, add in the hot sugar and mix with egg until you get it ccool, add in the protein powder before putting into a setting dish, and then put in fridge!! It's like perfect postworkout food - the 2 best types of carbs, and whey protein (with some egg extra!) and no fat!!

    What you guys think? ANyone whos made nougat?? Anyone think u can find decent substitutes??

    It would taste soooo awseome (if its ANYWHERE near normal nougat), easy to make, keeps long, can be made in advance, and portable!

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    In my opinion you would be better off with a Snickers bar. Proitien level would be slightly higher. Aside from that, both are pure sugar.

    Ohhhh, I have not made nougat. Errrrr, maybe next week.

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    Personally I am still waiting for the Ben & Jerry's

    Protein Fudge nut crunch with carmel swirls and candy canes !

    It amazes me some of these posts...

    this is something you see on the Oprah Diet !!


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    When I diet I am no longer eating for pleasure. It becomes a natural function to produce a result. I don't care about the food.. I care about what it is going to do for me...

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