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    Question Calorie Question

    The caloric needs calculator said i need to consume roughly 3200 calories a day for maintainance. How much would i need to drop from the number to loose the most significant amount of fat? I dont care if i loose some muscle i just want the fat off.

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    try to drop allittle at a time. you dont want to make drastic changes in your diet because you will be less likely to keep it up. try to begin to cut all the bad things out and see how much weight you loose. and do alot of cardio.

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    Try dropping 500 calories/day. plus increased cardio should result in about 1 to 2 lbs of weight loss per week.

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    Well 500 calories below your maintenance is healthy and less likely to lose muscle. You do know muscle burns more calories than fat, so if you have more muscle you will be burning more calories at rest. Please don't just lose everything and be real skinny like one of the backstreet boys, but then again your motive for losing weight probably isnt the same as mine.

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    500 calories below will produce weight loss without sacrificing too much muscle. Just remember it's going to take time, figure 1 pound a week. Anymore than that and it's garunteed muscle loss.

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    I have never consumed less than 500 cal les than my so called "maintnace" level. But i have added an hour of moderate cardio and burn about 500 cal with that also. I belive that because of the way/time that i do the cardio that the total of

    Maintinance 2500
    caloire restriction -500
    Cardio -500
    Xenadrine -?
    Is more healty and muscle sparing than no cardio and only an equivalent
    Amount of calorie restriction. But it does end up more than 500 cal less than what i burn. Though i might be wrong if people are doing alot of cardio when not dieting anyway and there maintnance level is computed higher because of that. If im right, you can still achieve 2 lb a week of loss without muscle loss IF you structure all of your meals and cardio the right way. Eating one 2000 meal a day and nothing else would make you lose muscle fast and lose little fat. Its all in the execution.

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