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    I know this is probably in the wrong forum but I think that some of the people in here that have posted pics to show their results from cutting will be able to help.

    I'm currently 25 years old, 5"8 and 155lbs. I've got one cycle under my belt.

    I've always been skinny but a few years back I put on some fat which I want to get rid of, nothing majoy maybe about 12-15lbs. I've already lost about 9lbs but I'm looking to lose a little more. Because I've been trying to gain muscle I didn't do any cardio for a long time but over the last 6 weeks I've been running 3.5 miles everyday on an empty stomach but now the weight loss has come to an end so what now?

    I've been eating a fair bit of carboyhydrates and the protein is still reasonably high but I've cut out the fat quite abit.

    I have my next cycle lined up which consists of tren , eq and winny but I was thinking about leaving that for a while and maybe doing a bulking cycle after I've lost the weight I want to lose then bulk up a bit??

    anyone got any advice on anything I've mentioned? thanks in advance

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    Well I'd say lay off the gear for now, and concentrate on getting your bf down, if that's what you're wanting. What's your diet like? Have you tried an eca, and do you do your cardio in the am on an empty stomach. If you run 3.5 miles everyday, eventually you're body will become accustomed to it and you won't lose or gain anything from it except some the cardiovascular aspect. Just stick with am moderate cardio on an empty stomach and you will see good results.

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    you say your eating a fair amount of carbs. try to reduce your carb intake alittle each day.

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