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    How many carbs?!?!?

    If your on a cutting and/or fat loss diet...roughly what would you want your carb intake to be???? 30-50gS????? I'm trying to get in about 200g of protein, along with 1 tbsp of flax, and 1tbsp of Natural PB...but was just wondering what I should keep my carbs down to??

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    Assuming your training hard, doing cardio, and your diet is in check, 30-50 grams of carbs a day will yield good results in the fat loss department. But the tricky part is not sacrificing muscle for the goal of fat loss. Assuming your goal is to loss fat and not muscle I would suggest gradually dropping your daily carb intake throughout the week. You could try this:
    Mon/Tues: 100 g
    Wed/Thurs: 50 g
    Fri/Sat: 25 g
    Sun: Cheat day
    But more importantly, is the kind of carbs consumed and the timing. When your on a limited carb diet you must take advantage of each meal.
    Obviosively don't waste your carbs on a bowl of cereal. Stick with yams, veggies, brown rice, oats, and multi-grain bread. As for the timing, split the carbs between your breakfast and your post-workout drink. Although you can follow some of these general dieting rules, you must find out what works for you through trial and error. Again be careful dropping your carbs too fast and too much...Usualsuspect

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