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Thread: *imposter*

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    Attention members:

    Once again, I have someone pretending to be me, traveling to boards that I frequent, and responding to others in very derogatory manners.
    I realize this is not the correct "forum" for this, but hell, which forum actually "IS"?????? I was told by a mod here this happened, so I just wanna clear the air, thanks!

    Spread the word, this is NOT me. He goes as SW0LECAT, using the number "0" in place of my "o" However, his/her/it's dumbass doesn't realize that I use a lowercase o, not an uppercase O. Anyhow, he lists the e-mail as, which is also a rookie move, as mine is

    So, let everyone know if you hear shit about this/me/etc. I expected for something like this to happen, hell, it's been a whole two weeks since someone's attempted some dumb shit like this. They just can't get enough of fuckin' with good ol' ~SC~, but it's all good, as having people hate on you as such just means they wish to hell they could be you. If you were a nobody, no one would fuck with you. Gain a bit of popularity (popularity is about to increase fiftyfold, so I expect a ton of this in the near future), and people just have to hate on ya! Nothing better to do, that's so damn sad!

    I'm just glad I ain't like these symp-b*tch ass muh-fuccaz.

    Like 50 Cent says..................

    And you should love it way more than you hate it,
    playah u mad? I figured you'd be happy I made it!

    Dustin' em off 24/7

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    Give you another bump for the diet only reading members.


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    to the bros here and on the members pics page for helping out.

    I really hate when this crap goes down.


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    bump for a good brother

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    I'll bump ya.......if it's really you....

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