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Thread: Hot Sauce

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    Hot Sauce

    HEy folks i have a couple idea's pondering..
    My typical day (right now) is alot of chicken egg whites and veggies. and i use alot , and i mean alot of hot sauce (cholula if possible).. LIke the other day at bennigens i ate the whole bottle of cholula on my helthy chicken platter.. This is normal for me.

    Is there anythign wrong about eating hot sauce when dieting, it is zero cal. But health wise can it fuck me up?


    btw- Jamacian Hellfire, undulitied rocks.

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    your fine, but innocent bystanders should be aware of the firery a** hole


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    i don't know about eating hot sauce

    but that motherfucker Hot Sauce fromthe And 1 MixTape Tour is fucking an insane baller.crazy handle!! i met that guy at an and1 party and he was the biggest criminal looking dude , but he could ball his ass off.

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    Cholula.....can't beat that shit. Great stuff.

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