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    Hows this diet look

    Well, I am not going to list my food regimine for the whole day as it changes daily. I just wanted your opinions on the way I am doing this.

    Basiclly I have been eating around 350 grams of protein and carbs and 60 grams of fat a day. That is 3340 cals give or take.

    Now, I want your opinions on when I am eating, not as much what I am eating.

    I of course only eat lean meat....chicken, turkey, tuna, some ham for sandwhiches egg whites in the morning.

    Clean carbs, Brown rice (natural), whole grain sprouted bread (organic most of the time) Yams, and oats.

    Fats come from flax, almods, pb, walnuts, and a little bad fat from cream cheese I put on my wheat sprouted bagels.

    I try to eat 2 cans of green beans a day as well.

    Now, I brought cals up slowly, and have been doing this for almost 4 weeks now. I am happy so far with results and am about ready to start a fina/test cycle. Havn't gained to much fat that I can tell, pants are still just the same, belt is the same around the waist. I have gained about 6 pounds on the scale. My muscles are looking great!

    Soooo, I will quit rambling now and get down to business. My goal has been to eat an equal amount of carbs/protein at all 6 meals. And eat my fats throughout the day. Is this a good approach? So far I have been pleased with the results, but I was wondering if I am cutting my self short some how?

    I am bulking, 5'8" and 185 pounds. I have the post workout shake with maldextrose (80 grams) and 50 grams of whey. I also drink 25 grams of whey in the morning with my 10 egg whites.

    I am rambling again. I'lll shut up now.

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    Sounds to be pretty good, I would lower your carb intake on the meals that you add some fat to it, your body can only handle so many cals at once, but feel it out and see. To me your post workout shake seems a bit high in protein but you are bulking so you are probably fine.


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    Well I have been eating my fats in between meals. Like snacking on almonds/walnuts. Flax oil in between meals as well.

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