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    Just a fat thought.......

    im just curious, but how much fat do all of you guys include in your diets? I weigh 205 with 10% bf. I am on a maintenance diet now, where I go three low carb days (1 g per pd of bodyweight), 2 days high carbs (450g's), and 2 other days a maintenance amount (300). I keep my protein high(between 300-350), and get in about 60-75 g's of fat a day. I used to be scared of good fat, but the results have been great since I threw it in the mix. I would love to see how much others r consuming. Laytas bros!

    PS-I see so many keto diets being posted. Unless you are extremely overweight or extremely inactive, i think it is friggin pointless and harmful. Anyone on this that is active or not overweight should do a little more research.

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    Maintance fat levels for me is around 45-85g a day depending what the other macros look like.


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    I'm pretty close to Pain's levels.

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