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    Adding Some Fat At Breakfast

    Hi All,

    I am trying to slowly add calories to see how much I can gain without too much fat gain. One thing I want to add is a yolk to my morning breakfast. However, breakfast is one of the meals I have protein/carbs (on training days I also have carbs PWO and PPWO, non training - only at breakfast). I try never to mix carbs and fats, but would like to know if it makes a major difference if I add a yolk in my morning (I normaly make and egg-oatmeal pancake which taste a million times better with a yolk) or should I add calories elsewhere, or have the yolk at another P/F meal instead?


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    as long as it's one yolk you should be fine....oats should not give you much if any insulin response as long as your serving sizes is small enough.

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