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    New and need some answers

    Hello folks,

    Im new to the boards and new to this whole lifestyle actually. Ive been overweight all my life and have decided to change that Ive taken off 75 pounds with atkins and walking. But now its stopped all together, well I havent been walking so much either and im sure that has alot to do with it But this is the new plan and a couple questions I have with it. any help is greatly appreciated since its all new to me.

    Morning time is gonna be my workout time right when i wake up, problem is after doing some reading here. I hear walk on empty stomach but dont lift on empty. I need (due to my schedule) to do all this together, I figured Id get up hit the treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes to warm my body up and burn some calories, then commence to my workout. I just started a cycle, so Im gonna be working out fairly intense to gain some mass in the muscle area which in turn Im hoping will help burn the fat.

    My current is though ive lost 75 pounds im still sitting at 280 and to be honest with myself alot of that is fat. How much? not sure but alot im sure.

    My questions. Since I gotta do this all together in the morning do I go on empty stomach or eat before I hit it?

    Second question is my biggest concern at this time. Ive been told that when doing cycles You have to take in lots of calories and protein to gain but Ive also been told since Im a big guy to begin with that I dont need to take in as much to gain mass that my body will use the stored fat up for what I dont take in. So is this true or do I need to eat? As badly as I want to trim up I want to add some nice arms, chest and back to my body and figure that will help to eliminate the fat and fill out any excess skin from being overweight but I need to know what to eat. My friend is an expert in the supplement catagory and is very knowledgeable as his been doing this stuff for years now and is a huge specimen but his body was different then mine when he started so im looking for a bit more info from some more people that might know. thanks ahead of time for that info!

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    Never workout AFTER cardio. If anything, do cardio after, but even that's a bit screwed as far as seperating fat loss work with anabolic type work. (Being that you eat differently before/after for those two endeavors).

    I can tell you that before gear, you'll want to have your diet in order. If you guess "a lot of is fat", I'd concentrate on diet/cardio as of now, and forget the gear. If you have a lot to lose, best saved for later. I'm not advising gear usage either, but you'd definitely want to make sure you utilize something that is designed for cutting on a diet that is already addressing your needs.

    If you look around the posts here, as well as the sticky above, you can pretty much come up w/a good plan of action, and the others here can critique it and get you going. Just some suggestions so you can get goin' on the right track w/the right plan of attack.


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    underhill, let me warn you first that steroids do not make you lose weight or even build muscle. Muscles dont come in a bottle. Sounds like with your stats you should still stay natural and diet more. What you did not mention was how tall you are. At that weight introducing steroids into the system will raise coleserol, estrogen, blood pressure, and induce hormonal levels dramaticaly. If you have an obese problem you may be doing more harm than good right now and find yourself in the hospital.

    Sounds to me you were on the right plan at what you were doing. Please stick to the plan. I know it is hard and discouraging to trim down and gain confidence in your appearance but the harder the work the more you will appreciate it. Just be careful my brother. Steroids is not what you think they are. If your buddy was so knowledgable he would be warning you this right now. I bet in one month time here you will out info your buddy by 10fold I gaurantee. I will make sure of that. Welcome to AR

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    Hmm interesting!

    Ok so doing a cycle to help boost muscle growth isnt going to help me? I figured Id do a cycle to build some muscle then maintain light weight/more reps lifting and more walking. Yes my ultimate goal is to lose the weight but Im gonna have some skin to fill out and plus would just like to be a bit bigger in the muslce department.

    btw im 5'10" and yes alot of it is fat but for my build, no one has ever been able to guess how much I weigh or even close to it most people figure I weigh around 240 to 250 to give ya an idea of what my build is. And the weight is pretty evenly spread over my body, big evertything.

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    when doing a cycle in order to maximize muscle growth you need to eat and eat and eat....this is all well and good, but you will still put on fat. you need to realize that adding a lot of muscle while dieting to get cut are two separate goals that should not be combined. most people dont really do roids to build muscle until they are at least 11% body fat, which is fairly lean. i know a few guys that actually do roids and they are a little lighter than you...all it really did was make them have more muscle underneath their fat...they dont really look any better. i would say diet down to a repectable body fat percentage and then think about using gear.

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