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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Ok guys, I gained 20 pounds or so this winter. I only eat about 4 times a day and i usually eat pretty clean. I'm 5'10,230 and ive never done any type of steroid . I dont really have the time to eat 7 or 8 times a day. I wish i did but unfortunatly I dont. I had a very successful winter as far as gains in size and strength. My biggest problem is that every ounce of fat i gain is in my stomach. When i workout I notice my upper body looks pretty good then my stomach is just horrible. I usually eat 4 times a day and it consists of
    3/4 cup of oats
    8 ounces of skim milk
    1 can of tuna

    2. chicken sandwhich on wheat
    enough chicken to equal 40g of protein or more

    3. banana
    2 potatoes
    10 egg whites one egg

    4. 2 cans of tuna

    I gained well off of this although i know it doesnt seem like much. I've always had a belly even when i was leaner and smaller. I know i have to do cardio and that is no problem. My strength and size mean a lot to me so im unsure how much i should drop my carbs and things. I know i have to eat more protein and less carbs im just unsure when and how much cardio to do without losing a lot of size or strength. I gain weight really well to the point where my partner couldnt believe the size i put on. I had to work outside for the past week and barely had time to eat anything and i weighed myself and i didnt lose a pound. I know thats not the way to diet and im not wanting to diet like that but i figured i would have lost some water by then. I just didnt have the time to eat anything more then a few cans of tuna per day.

    Everyone in my family is overweight. My genetics got me pretty big,but at the same time they haunt me when i try to lose. I bulked last winter and when i dieted i felt puny. My arms never really feel right to me unless they are water filled to the brim. I have a sort of screwed up build because my back and chest is pretty massive and my arms dont seem to be that big to me. I have been more of a powerlifter the past years. I nearly crossed the 500 pound bench this winter but fell short by about 20 pounds or so. I gained a lot of on my lifts so i called it successful but not i just feel like a lost cause. I can gain better then some people do on steroids . I can't lose basically anything but muscle. I worked out when i weighed myself after not eating and hit the same amount of reps that i usually do without a problem and felt even better because I was fully healed. I have a hard time working out without some sort of caffeine. I think a lot of my problem is that im mental. I'm not sure of it but as far as working out and worrying it seems to be that way. Either way i know i have too much bodyfat. I know my diet has to be fixed or its not going to matter what i do. Ill accept any criticism anyone wants to give me and id appriciate any diet someone might be able to help me with. I dont take protein shakes or creatine. Id like to at least wait til i fulfill all my goals before i consider myself no longer natural... Thank you...

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    Why not get some protein powder. It is an easy way to get 2 meals and an extra 80g of protein. This 2 meals will mean alot as it is important to eat at least every 3 hrs. to keep that metabolism kicking. Have you ever used an ECA? This will help alot as well. Your diet looks pretty good for a bulk I guess, but if you are planning on cutting now it will need some changes. Just a few things I would recommend for you IMO:
    Protein Powder
    Protein bars (get high quality ones, easy way to add a meal w/ protein if you are busy)

    I think if you can talk one of these bros into putting a diet together for you, and you incorporate that diet with cardio, you will begin seeing results in no time. If you're diet is in order, you can drop the carbs ALOT and still not worry about losing too much LBM.

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    well first off if you wanna check out a really great diet then look at the unofficial guide to cutting on the sticky section up top. this is a great guide and is what i currently use for my diet. of course you have to change the macros and calories to fit your weight and goals.

    secondly i agree with rocy about the protein shake issue...if it's about taste then check out for the best tasting cheap protein, or for another great tasting cheap protein (pro rated). if you just cant stomach protein then consider making lunches in advance and eating them where ever you are. i have no problem carrying a cooler with chicken, beef, or tuna whereever i go. if you dont want to eat cold food then stick with tuna....tastes better cold anyway and pack a salad with it.

    all in all there are a lot of ways to get in those two extra meals. plus you want to have good PWO and PPWO meals to feed muscles, specially in this time of dieting. check that thread out's great info.

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    Definitely check out that sticky, yes.


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