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    Help Refine My Diet? Yes, Another One of Those Topics hehe

    Anyways, I'm about 5'10", 192 pounds, 18 years old, and looking to cut for only like 6 weeks, nothing too big as I don't really need to cut too much anyways. BTW I really want to keep as much muscle as possible (with fat loss of course), as I'm holding the highest bench press at my school
    BTW I'll take supplement suggestions too, but I'm not planning to juice for another couple years, and I certainly hope no one would be dumb enough to reccomend me to.
    Anyways, I've been wondering how to set it up, especially with the carbs/fats/protein breakdown.

    Wake Up
    ECA, Centrum vitamin (yep, crap oh well)
    Jog (every other day)
    Meal 1 Lean Protein and (simple carb, complex carb or fat?!)
    Work Out
    PWO 40-50g whey protein, and equal dextrose (1:1 ratio good or what?)
    Meal 3 Lean Protein, Carbs (complex or simple? what?)
    Meal 4 whey shake, flax seeds
    Meal 5 Lean Protein, fats, probably more flax
    Meal 6 Lean Protein, fats, whey shake

    So how does that look? I'm really wondering 3 main things. How much dextrose to protein ratio PWO, what's a good breakfast combo, and what I should eat for lunch as far as carbs or fats and what kind of carbs, (after PWO)

    Thanks A MILLION for any help

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    hey may need a bit of help on your suggestion is if you are gonna do it hard core (which it looks like you are) check out the unofficial cutting diet thread above. it looks like you have a decent start. my main advice would be have your first meal consist of lean protein and LOW GI carbs like oats OR lean protein and fat. most recommend pro/fat after doing AM cardio and this has been working for me. also your second meal post workout should come about an hour or two after your shake with dex. the carb should be medium GI complex like yams, oats, or brown rice. also your PWO shake needs only about 30g protein and 60g dex. you only need half the protein than carbs. trust me bro this works like a charm. if you have anymore questions then PM me.

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