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    Wink LBM and cutter - need advice!!! C'mon Brothers!

    I'll be using Clen 2on/2off in 3 weeks ahead, starting in mid April. I'm 6'2 210lbs 17% bf. My goal is to cut naturally using Clen/ECA for 8 weeks. Assuming that my calorie intake is around 3700kcal I'm thinking of reducing it to about 2900-3000 - and the question is: I'm kind of into ketogenic diet right know - I'm doing researching and would like to know if it's OK with Clen - my goal is to go down to 9-11% before I will start something like this:

    1-4 Dbol 25mg ED
    2-11 Prop 50mg ED
    6-11 Winny 50mg EOD
    Nolva, Clomid for PCT

    The reason for the prop to wait a week is that I'm kind of afraid of 2 roids being 17aa - but that's not the case here...

    What calories intake would you recommend me if I was to go for Lean Body Mass and planned to gain about 12-15lbs without unecessary water and fat.

    Is 4000-4200 is enough to gain such a mass... or shall I go higher let's say 5000?

    I'm not willing to look bloaty, neither do I want to have some fat.


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    Keto will get you down fast, but you will sacrifice muscle. Cut down to the percentage you want, you will have to lower the cals enough to lose weight (obviously). Handle one thing at a time. After 8 weeks if you feel ready, then start researching bulk cycles.

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    when u drop calories, drop then about 300-500 every week or week and a half, that way your body is constantly changing and not gettin into the routine of dieting, same with bulkin, dont just jump up 1700cal, bump it up week or two weeks at a time...

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